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Richard McCauley

Richard McCauley

Managing Director

Nelson Therapy Services is an innovative and leading provider of therapy services throughout the UK.

You often encounter cynicism regarding ‘therapy’ and a feeling amongst clients that service quality was inconsistent and cost ineffective.

Against this background, Richard McCauley had a vision for a company which would revolutionise ‘therapy’ and we now achieve outstanding results by integrating solution-focused practice into our interventions.

We are fortunate to have a number of excellent practitioners working on our behalf, many of whom work from a less problem-focused approach, which helps people referred for therapy to drive their own recovery. This solution-focused approach has helped us to bring about change in a very positive way – often with less sessions perhaps than other approaches might use.

Nelson Therapy now achieves an average session length of under 8 session sessions (as opposed to the 16-session+ model associated with unsupervised CBT).

Why does Supervision Matter?

In 2013 Nelson Therapy pioneered a supervision service whereby Dr Richard Aubrey provided a Report Review Service which ensured clinical accuracy and cost effectiveness by providing a second opinion. This was shared with both the reporting clinician and the referrer and enhanced client care by alerting everyone to the possible impact of factors such as litigation or pre-existing conditions. In 2016 Nelson Therapy developed a specialist supervision model where our therapists are given solution focused insights and this leads to much more effective and shorter interventions.

What is Supervision-Focused Therapy?

Solution-Focused Therapy asks the person referred for therapy to imagine what success looks like for them and usually involves shorter interventions. SFT can be used to enhance other therapies such as CBT, and Nelson Therapy saw this in action with our carefully chosen network of 350 CBT therapists.

We were able to achieve very successful outcomes, by utilising solution-focused practice as a coaching intervention to help achieve better and quicker results.

Client Testimonials
Liz Haunch
Bridge Case Management
Case Management

It is also very cost effective to use your services for those clients who have very straightforward needs, as some therapists can over complicate things if someone presents with a traumatic story. Your input reflects the resilience of those clients, builds on whatever strengths they have, and boosts their confidence.

Adele Simmons
Independent Case manager

I am a registered nurse and have worked as a habituation case manager for over 13 years. I have known Richard McCauley for over 10 years and during this time have come to know him as a Professional Company Director with integrity.