Nelson Therapy continuously listens to it’s clients and partners. We appreciate feedback when it is given and try to learn from it. Below are some of the experiences and thoughts of existing Nelson Therapy clients.

 Nott & Associates Ltd

Richard offers a broad based skill set and an incisive knowledge of the rehabilitation industry. He is a quick thinker and offers an excellent balance of commercial common sense and clinical understanding and he also, most importantly, demonstrates a high degree of professionalism, patience in dealing with inevitably complex referrals. He is tenacious in delivering a level of service that meets his own high expectations and values and I have never known him rest on his laurels; he continuously strives for improvement, listens and delivers. Cases referred to Richard are actively managed and do not drift.

As a case manager under pressure to source best practice at best prices in complex cases, the drive to focus on Brief Intervention wherever possible is always helpful and effective.

Nelson Therapy will only refer cases to clinicians who are willing to be supervised and this has been invaluable in driving a cost effective service that meets individual needs and avoids overspending on a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Through supervision, one of my clients was able to achieve recovery in 5 sessions when we had funding in place for 8.

Amanda Nott Dip Cot

Rehabilitation Case Management Consultant


RGN Independent Case Manager


I am a registered nurse and have worked as a habituation case manager for over 13 years. I have known Richard McCauley for over 10 years and during this time have come to know him as a Professional Company Director with integrity.

I have used a number of psychological providers and have found that Nelson Therapy is different in a number of respects

Each case is considered on an individual basis and they are flexible.
The client remains at the centre of the process rather than profit.
Therapists are very experienced and of a high standard.
Sessions and costs are well controlled and if the client does not engage or recovers before the recommended sessions have been completed this will be communicated to the referrer in a timely manner.
Proper clinical supervision is provided by a highly experienced psychologist who makes himself available for queries and discussions with the referrer.

I thoroughly recommend Nelson Therapy for your psychological cases.


Adele Simmons.


Teresa Shaw

I am a Rehabilitation Case Manager of 14 years’ experience. I have used many psychological therapy providers during my career. I am happy to unreservedly provide a reference for your company.

Obtaining therapy for clients who have complex needs is challenging and often psychologists and therapists have little understanding of the rehabilitation process and ultimate needs for rehabilitation. Having used Nelson Therapies for the last 5 years I have found my experience with the psychologists and therapists has been positive in that the therapy is targeted and provided in a timely fashion. The treatment is supervised by Barry White who is keen to ensure that the intervention is brief and focused on the accident related condition.

Every report received from Nelson is supported by a report from the supervisor commenting on the number of recommended sessions and the treatment recommended. Subsequent reports are critically looked at by the supervisor to ensure the treatment remains focused and relevant to the accident. This feedback is extremely helpful for both the inexperienced case manager who gains a real understanding of the issues relating to the therapy provided, and the experienced case manager who has the reassurance that the therapy remains on track.

A client that was being treated by a therapist  had disengaged in the process this was quickly picked up and alternative treatment suggested and delivered to ensure the therapy remained on track and did not drift.

Teresa Shaw

RGN BA Hons PG Diploma
Rehabilitation Case Manager


Bridge Case Management

At Bridge we had never used any agencies before. Our collective experience of using them prior to working with Bridge has not been positive. The people you speak to at the agency have not been able to grasp the problems as we see them as case managers, and translate those problems into practical solutions. With Nelson, it feels like a team effort to get things right.

Rehabilitation is often trial and error, finding the right therapist is not always a problem, but when it is, it can be the making or breaking of the success of a case. Previously we found ourselves at the mercy of therapists who wish to continue seeing clients with more challenging problems for a very long time. That isn’t helpful when everyone is looking for a successful outcome of the case, with sessions dragging on for far too long.

Our team can recognise those cases where we see the risk of treatment going on too long, a client who finds it hard to recognise the need for input, but clearly needs it, and is difficult to engage; or the client who has other, non-accident related issues, that need to be kept as separate as possible from the treatment, while being sympathetic to them. For those cases it is without doubt more cost effective to use your services.

It is also very cost effective to use your services for those clients who have very straightforward needs, as some therapists can over complicate things if someone presents with a traumatic story. Your input reflects the resilience of those clients, builds on whatever strengths they have, and boosts their confidence.

“Richard, you and the Team at Nelson Therapy have a full awareness of what the industry needs, and what the industry currently puts up with, and that passion to strive for better – We at Bridge Case Management would like to thank you!

Liz Haunch



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